7-10 DECEMBER 2021

Logistic Notes


22nd Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Coastal Region of the Mediterranean and its Protocols
Antalya, Turkey, 7-10 December 2021



Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort Belek
Address: Kadriye Üçkum Tepesi Mevki, 07506 Serik/Antalya- Turkey
Tel: +90 242 710 40 00

Websites: https://kayahotels.com/en/oteller/kaya-palazzo-golf-resort/kongre


Antalya (Ancient Greek Attalia) located on Anatolia’s southwest coast bordered by the Taurus Mountains, is inhabiting over one million people in its metropolitan area. The city was founded as a seaport around 200 BC by the Attalus II Philadelphus, king of Pergamon which was soon subdued by the Romans. During the Roman rule, the city has grew including construction of new structures such as Hadrian’s Gate, a portal of three identical arches to commemorate a visit by Emperor Hadrian in 130 BC. The city has changed hands several times including Seljuk Sultanate in 1207 and Ottoman Empire in 1391. Ottoman Empire ruled the city about 500 years. The city has served as an important port in the Region.

Antalya is the primary touristic resort on the Turkish Riviera, well known for its subtropical warm climate and abundance of ancient sites. Antalya also reveals its claim in congress tourism.


Online registration is mandatory for all meeting participants to gain access into the venue and badges via the UNON Delegates Registration System at the following link: https://indico.un.org/e/UNEP_MAP_COP22
Badges will be provided to you at the venue premises upon arrival.

Steps for registering online:

Create a new account (if no existing profile) on the UNON Delegates Registration System. Password and further instructions are sent to your email address. You can then log in by clicking on the link sent or copy and paste it in your browser. Top left of the Delegate profile information: Register by selecting the title of the upcoming meeting: 22nd Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention (COP 22).
Mandatory: Please upload an electronic passport type color photograph.
Important: It has been noted that in a few cases, the UNON Delegates Registration System server automatic email may end up in spam folders. It is advised to register with personal email addresses (such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) and insert the professional email address in your profile settings, once you have successfully registered.


Thank you for indicating the name(s) of the person(s) of your Delegation whose expenses will be covered by UNEP/MAP as soon as possible and preferably no later than 8 November 2021. Turkey, COP 22 host country, will offer free accommodation to three participants per each Contracting Party (Minister/Head of Delegation and two other participants).

Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) for the duration of the meeting participant’s stay in Antalya will be paid by the organization in line with UN Rules and Regulations, considering the coverage of the accommodation (including meals) by the host country. Terminal allowance will be paid in line with UN Rules and Regulations considering transfers in Antalya from and to the airport provided by the host country.
For the meeting participants to be covered by UNEP/MAP, with bank details not yet processed by the Secretariat, the following documents are required:

1. Copy of passport
2. The attached “Bank Form” duly filled and signed (including the IBAN)
3. A “Proof of Bank” stating/linking meeting participant’s name and Bank account number
4. Full address and contact details including email and mobile telephone number

In case of late nominations or delayed submission of the above-mentioned documents, the full corresponding amount of DSA will be disbursed to the meeting participant via wire transfer after the meeting.

A return flight ticket will be offered from the participants’ home city to the venue city. The United Nations is authorizing the lowest applicable airfare in connection with the upcoming official travel and the UN’s travel agency is contractually obligated to book the lowest priced applicable itinerary. Personal deviation-related transactions are between the meeting participant and the travel agent. In case of personal deviation, it will be required from the meeting participant to pay any difference in cost of travel between the official authorized itinerary and his personal deviation and any associated agent fees/service charges directly to the travel agent, and after issuance of the official ticket offered in view of the relevant meeting that the participant is to attend. The Organization will not prepay any deviation charges and seek reimbursement of same from the meeting participant thereafter.

The Secretariat is required to collect the following photocopies and receipts from participants whose costs are covered by the Secretariat:
• Photocopy of the visa, departing taxes and related fees
• Original boarding pass(es)
• Copy of the full ticket
• Original invoice(s) and proof of payment air ticket, train ticket and other claimed expenses


The Hotel and Convention Center where the COP 22 will take place is Kaya Palazzo Hotel in Belek Region of Antalya. All participants are encouraged to stay at “Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort” or “Kaya Hotel”. For the participants not covered by the Secretariat, the Host Country has reached an agreement with the hotel for a standard price: Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort’s daily price for single rooms is 150 € with breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Kaya Hotel’s daily price for single rooms is 90 € with breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Both hotels are in the same campus and at a walking distance from the Convention Center.
If you prefer to stay at other hotels, please be aware that (a) only 5-star hotels are in the vicinity of the Kaya Palazzo Hotel and Conference Center, (b) you may have to make your own arrangements to arrive at the Convention Center during the meeting, and (c) lunch and dinner fee at the venue will be 40 € per day.

Transport will be provided via minibuses from the airport to the Venue of the COP (Hotel Kaya Palazzo) depending on flight arrivals from Istanbul and Ankara.


All participants should ensure that they are in possession of any necessary entry and/or transit visas prior to their departure. Information for foreigners intending to go to Turkey can be found in the following link: https://www.mfa.gov.tr/visa-information-for-foreigners.en.mfa


December in Antalya has an average of around 14°C, reaching a high of up to 16°C and the average low can reach 7°C. An umbrella might be needed; December is the wettest month in Antalya, with an average of 240 mm rainfall.

The currency in Turkey is Turkish Lira. The exchange rate is approximately 0.11 to the US Dollar (as of October 2021).

All areas in Turkey observe the same time zone. There are no daylight-saving time clock changes. Turkey is 3 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC +3).


In Turkey the European standard voltage of 220V to 230V is used, with a frequency of 50Hz. Wall outlets typically accommodate plugs with two round pins.


Measures to reduce the environmental impact of the Meeting:

The Meeting will be totally plastic free and paperless to the extent possible. Pre-session documents will be made available only electronically. Making a meeting paperless yields the benefit of considerably reducing the cost and the carbon footprint of the Meeting.

To facilitate the paperless meeting, representatives are strongly encouraged to follow the following suggestions:

• Each representative is advised to bring a laptop computer, which should be pre-checked for viruses prior to arrival at the meeting. • Laptops should be configured for a standard wireless (wi-fi) connection. If in doubt, please check with your local information technology expert. • Each representative should bring an appropriate adaptor to enable laptops to be connected to EU power sockets.
• Each representative should include a current e-mail address when completing the meeting registration form in order to be able to receive correspondence about the meeting.


The security situation in Turkey is calm.
Terrorism is a global concern; however, there is NO direct threat towards United Nations operations in Turkey.
It is the traveler’s responsibility to comply with immigration, customs and health requirements while entering/exiting the country.

Country-Specific Information

• Turkey has confirmed cases of COVID-19 within its borders.
• The Turkish Ministry of Health releases Turkey’s daily vaccination and COVID-19 numbers at https://covid19.saglik.gov.tr/
• No curfew is in place.
• Turkey allows SinoVac, CoronaVac, Pfizer-BioNTech and other vaccines allowed by WHO.

Please make sure you complete these steps before travelling
1. A completed “Traveler Entry Form” must be submitted at most 72 hours before departure and presented at check-in and upon arrival. The form can be obtained at http://register.health.gov.tr
2. Obtain a HES Code for the duration covering your visit to Turkey. This Code will be needed for accommodation, travelling, entry to malls, meeting venues etc.
3. You can obtain a HES code via Hayat Eve Sigar Mobile App. Please find directions in https://hayatevesigar.saglik.gov.tr/hes-eng.html
4. You have a print of your vaccination certificate.

Traveling Requirements
Passengers arriving from a country other than Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Egypt, India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, must:
• have a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken at most 72 hours before arrival; or
• have a negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test taken at most 48 hours before arrival. This does not apply to:
• passengers younger than 12 years;
• passengers with a COVID-19 vaccination certificate showing that they were fully vaccinated (at least two doses – one dose of Johnson & Johnson) at least 14 days before arrival;
• passengers with a COVID-19 recovery certificate issued at most 6 months before arrival;
• merchant seamen.
Passengers arriving from Egypt, Iran, Singapore or the United Kingdom must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken at most 72 hours before arrival. This does not apply to passengers younger than 12 years.
Attention: Passengers who in the past 14 days have been in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Nepal, Pakistan, South Africa or Sri Lanka must have a confirmed hotel reservation before departure. They are subject to quarantine for up to 14 days at their own expense, in a government designed hotel listed at http://web.shgm.gov.tr/documents/sivilhavacilik/files/Covid-19/hotel_list_for_isolation-010921.pdf Passengers who in the past 14 days have been in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Nepal, Pakistan, South Africa or Sri Lanka must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken at most 72 hours before arrival. This does not apply to passengers younger than 12 years.
Intercity travel by plane, bus, train, or other public transportation requires proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test taken 48 hours prior to travel. This requirement applies to individuals 18 years old and older.
Intercity travel using a private vehicle will not require proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test. Individuals who fail to provide the necessary documentation will not be permitted to board public transportation.
Entry into establishments such as concerts, cinemas, theaters, and crowded events require proof of vaccination, or a negative PCR test taken 48 hours prior to the event. This requirement applies to individuals 18 years old and older. Individuals who fail to provide the necessary documentation will not be permitted to enter into these venues or participate in crowded events.
Individuals who have not received their vaccination through the Government of Turkey, and thus will not be able to confirm their vaccination status, may show a printed copy of their vaccination certificate along with identification.

Entry and Exit Requirements
A PCR test is required for individuals over the age of 12 years old who are unable to show proof of vaccination.
COVID-19 control measures for air, land, and sea travel continue. Passengers arriving in Turkey will be required to complete an information form and will be checked for symptoms. Anyone suspected of having COVID-19 will be transported to a hospital for examination or to a dormitory to self-isolate. If an individual on a particular aircraft/vehicle/vessel is found to have COVID-19, the information forms completed upon arrival will be used to identify others have been in contact with them; those individuals will then be subject to 14-day isolation/quarantine.
Please be aware that, passengers arriving into Turkey may be subject to a random PCR test at their final destination in Turkey.
Passengers could be subject to self-isolation for up to 14 days.
This does not apply to passengers with a COVID-19 vaccination certificate showing that they were fully vaccinated (at least two doses - one dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine) at least 14 days before arrival.

Quarantine Information
• Passengers will not be required to quarantine or submit a negative PCR test result if they submit a document issued by the relevant country’s official authorities stating that they have been vaccinated at least 14 days before entrance to Turkey and/or have had the disease and were cured within the last 6 months.
• Foreign passengers who test positive for COVID-19 on landing flights will be referred to a private hospital by the Ministry of Health – Border Health Unit.

Transportation Requirements
• Passengers failing to submit a digital or paper copy of a negative PCR test result are not permitted to board the flights.
• Airlines and airports have implemented new procedures for travelers, and passengers must comply with these to travel. For example, masks must be worn in the airport and on airplanes, and arriving passengers are subject to health checks and random PCR tests. Please check airport and airline websites for more information and specific guidance.

Dining Establishments
• Dining establishments such as restaurants, patisseries, cafés, and cafeterias are open for in-person dining and delivery services with no time restrictions.
• Smoking in public spaces is prohibited.

Other Establishments
• Most services are available in Turkey without restrictions. Starting September 6, 2021 proof of vaccination or a negative PRC test within the past 48 hours will be required to enter some establishments hosting crowded events such as theaters or cinemas. This requirement applies to individuals 18 years old and older. Individuals who fail to provide the necessary documentation will not be permitted to enter into these venues or participate in crowded events.

Covid-19 related measures at the Venue
The COVID-19 Measures are determined by the Ministry of Health of the Turkish Republic and the Host Country of COP 22 would like to convey its gratitude to participants for practicing the measures in advance:
• Participants will be subject to daily Covid-19 tests at the tent outside the convention center. The tests will be taken at hours to be announced at a later stage. Tests will be free of charge. The participants will be contacted only if they test positive and, in that case, measures will be taken as indicated in the section below.
• Participants have to follow rules in place (as provided here).
• Masks and disinfectants will be provided at the venue. Use of plastic gloves is not recommended.
• Participants should keep their masks on while they are in indoor areas.
• 1,5 m social distance should be kept.
• Catering services for coffee breaks will be outside of the meeting rooms.
• Body temperature check is done at the entrance to the hotel and to the restaurant.
• The restaurant is self-service. In order to prevent guests touch serving spoons and forks, personnel will serve your food behind the glass. Thank you for your patience.
• Meeting rooms are regularly ventilated with fresh air. All of the staff are vaccinated and wearing masks.

Participants tested positive, with symptoms or in-contact with a person who shows symptoms
Participants tested positive for COVID, will be moved to an isolation room and be provided with medicine free of charge. In case the participant wants to return to country during the isolation period, he/she will only be allowed to leave Turkey by private plane, air ambulance or private vehicle provided by his/her country.
For recent information regarding travel restrictions please consult IATA’s website: https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/world.php

POLICE +90 155

Mr. Ilias Mavroeidis
UNEP/MAP Programme Management Officer
Tel: +30 210 72 73 132
Email: [email protected]

Ms. Elli Sfyroeras
UNEP/MAP Programme Management Assistant
Tel: +30 210 72 73 129
Email: [email protected]

Ms. Eda Bayar
UNEP/MAP Consultant
Email: [email protected]